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Event Decor for Orlando Venues

In this video, the Florida Event Decor team describes what it is like to work in Orlando. Orlando is a convention city, so it attracts a wide variety of events, from poolside parties to sales events. The team is extremely familiar with the Orlando area and its hotels, which makes it even easier for them to organize top-notch events.


Eric Karter: Orlando is a unique destination. We are one of the major convention hubs in the US, so for us to have a group in Orlando of 2,000, 5,000 people is quite common.

Lauren Doyle: They come here because this is a convention city. We’ve got anything and everything you could want to do here, and you can even bring your family and send them to the parks for the day.

Eric Karter: And a lot of the great properties in Orlando, we work at all the time, and it could be anywhere from Shingle Creek to JW Marriott.

Lauren Doyle: Universal, at the Hard Rock, Ritz …

Eric Karter: Marriott World Center, a lot of the big convention hotels, that’s where we spend a lot of our time for the events.

Lauren Doyle: We will set up out by the pool, if they are having a pool party. Sales meetings in the hospitality suites, anything they need. I’ve obviously been almost everywhere in Orlando, and it makes it easier to plan out, because I’ve gotten to know a majority of the hotels pretty well, so I can figure out which loading docks the guys need to go to, and which corridors they need to take, and if they need to go upstairs or downstairs, but we generally have a good idea of the majority of the hotels here in Florida, so we can make it work.

Eric Karter: We get a lot of planners that travel with their clients, so there will be a lot of out-of-state … Even, we have worked with a handful of planners out of Canada recently, where they are coming to Florida, and they haven’t worked with a lot of the vendors here.

Lauren Doyle: Or production companies, who are just bringing their clients here. Sometimes it is the car companies, or just larger companies that are trying to show a good time to their guests. We find the hotel that you are at, and the amount of people, and what kind of event it is, and we can make it work for you.

Eric Karter: We will meet them for a site visit, or we will go out and look at the hotel, if there is some unique situation that we need to address, and then we try to be as detailed as possible, and that’s one of the things. A lot of the planners that come in from out of state like working with us, is because of all of the detail that we put into the proposals, and a big part of it is the communication. From that, we have been able to build some great relationships with clients.