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In this video, the Florida Event Decor team describes some of the ways working in South Florida is unique. Most South Florida events take place outdoors due to South Florida’s beautiful weather. The Florida Event Decor team is familiar with the quirks of many South Florida hotels—for example, the limited parking—and they have figured out how to work around them to put together fantastic events.


Valorie Karter: We do work in South Florida and we provide event décor. Primarily outdoor events because the weather is so beautiful, the ocean is beautiful. We have clients that would like to create some type of ultra lounge outside, or a tropical event, or even a sports-style event … Super Bowl-style event outdoors.

Eric Karter: When we’re working in South Florida it’s a combination of corporate events or high-end social events. They tend to stick with some main themes, one of them being a “South Beach white party” look and another really ties into the Latin “Havana” feel. There are a lot of groups that come from different countries so we’ll see a lot of Europeans, Brazilians come in and hold their event in South Florida. There’s a lot of unique venues anywhere from working at the Diplomat, Fontainebleau, all the way down the coast to Ritz Key Biscayne.

Lauren Doyle: We even have a proposal out for the Fort Lauderdale convention center.

Eric Karter: We’ve worked at a lot of the major hotels and properties in South Florida.

Lauren Doyle: There’s some challenges. Sometimes you can’t find the right floor plans or the measurements aren’t right.

Valorie Karter: Parking is a real issue. Being able to park a 24 foot box truck at one of the venues, and that’s just one truck. Usually we have more than one truck. The other thing that happens a lot of times is there’s no freight elevator, and we have to get up to the 3rd, or the 4th, or the 5th floor terrace. We have to start from the very beginning with the planning. What are we going to propose after knowing that we have to get it up to the 3rd floor or the 4th floor? What are we going to propose? What’s going to work, and how are we going to get it up there?

Lauren Doyle: We generally have a good idea of the majority of the hotels here in Florida, so we can make it work.

Jonathan Tyson: My goal is not for it to look good. My goal is not for it to look great. I want it to look fantastic. If the client tells me, “Oh, it looks good. I like it. Thank you.” The show went great, that’s okay, but that wasn’t good enough. I want it to be a lasting memory. That’s what our team brings together. Everyone works hard to make sure that client is more than happy.