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Event Decor for Tampa Venues

This video features the Florida Event Decor team describing the ways that Tampa is a unique event location. Events are often smaller than they are in Orlando in South Florida, and in those cases, Florida Event Decor creates a more “boutique”-like feel.


Valorie Karter: I think Tampa is very unique, and there are a lot of opportunities there.

Eric Karter: It’s still a lot of corporate. It’s not the same scale as Orlando, so a lot of times we’re over in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete area. The group sizes are 100 to 300, 400 people.

Valorie Karter: Because they are a bit more limited on space than, say, in Orlando or in South Florida. That just means that you are creating more of a boutique environment for those people that are traveling there. We work with corporate groups, also quite a bit with local companies that want to have a holiday party or some type of rewards event for their employees.

Eric Karter: In Tampa, there’s always a couple of influences. One is they do have the Latin influence, so we do a lot of Latin events. They also have, because of Gasparillo, we do a lot of pirate events there. Then, just similar to the other places we work throughout Florida, they’re looking for trendy events, a lot of the furniture, different types of lighting. We do a lot of stage sets there.

Valorie Karter: A lot of times, we actually do events on the beach in Tampa. There is quite a distance from the sand to the ocean, so to speak, where you can set up a tent. Some of the venues there have permanent structures on the beach, so they like for us to provide the décor for those.

Eric Karter: We work out of quite a few venues in Tampa. Marriott Waterside is a very nice property.

Lauren Doyle: It’s right on the water, great views, great space. It’s like perceptions. People like to use those outside terrace areas that overlook the water. We bring out bars, highboy tables, maybe even some entertainment.

Eric Karter: Over in Clearwater, there’s a Hilton, Marriott. We work at those properties as well. There’s just a lot of unique venues.

Lauren Doyle: We just did one at the fairgrounds. We do a couple of events there every year.

Jonathan Tyson: My goal is not for it to look good. My goal is not for it to look great. I want it to look fantastic. If the client tells me, “Oh, it looks good. I like it. Thank you.” If the show went great, that’s okay, but that wasn’t good enough. I want it to be a lasting memory. That’s what our team brings together. Everyone works hard to make sure that client is more than happy.

Valorie Karter: Yes, we will do everything that they’re expecting, and we try to do it even better.