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Planning Your Next Event

We are systematically creative.  Our process begins by gathering information about your event such as the location, number of guests, type of event, and the timing of the event.  We also want to know as much information about the group as possible:  demographics, history of past events, and expectations.  We love details!

After gathering information from you, we make sure our knowledge base covers the scope of your event.  We spend time researching while creating ideas for your corporate event.  From site visits to online floor plans, nothing is considered off-limits when it comes to due diligence.  We take our homework seriously.

Next, we put together an initial proposal based on the needs and desires expressed by you.  We’ll give you time to look over the proposal, then we’ll call you to talk it through.  We want to make sure we’ve given you what you are looking for. We’ll edit the ideas presented based on your feedback.

We Communicate Every Step of the Way

At this point, we’re ready to move forward with your approval.  We’ll ask you for a signed contract while simultaneously communicating with the operations side of the event planning.  We put together a list of every single item, tool, light, etc… that we’ll need in order to create a flawless event.  We prepare for your event by communicating internally about all the details and readying the inventory.

Communication is key, so you can expect us to be here for you the whole way through.  We’ll fine tune all of the event logistics such as the load in and load out schedule, onsite contact information, and other event details.   From the initial proposal to weather the day of the event, we consider ourselves part of your ongoing support team.

The day of the event, our lead set up team member will call you when we arrive.  We’ll complete a walk-through of the event space and collaborate with you regarding the layout, flow, and any items that need priority set up.  After we’ve completed our set up of your event, we’ll ask for your approval and make any adjustments.  At this time, we’ll also reconfirm the time we should be back.

The Best Event Decorators in Florida

We complete this process over 300 times every year.  Each event is important to our entire team.  Whether you have a year, months, or just one week to plan your event, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Get started with the best event decorators in Florida today – call Florida Event Decor at 407.574.4323.


Eric Karter: We try to stick to a pretty systematic process. When we talk with clients we have a whole list of questions. That’s one of the things we try to do is ask a lot of questions so we get to know the group that’s coming, the type of clients, everything about the location, the type of events they’ve done in the past, the type of event they’re looking for now. Then we take that information, and from there we’ll put an initial proposal together. We know that the initial proposal will just be a starting point, so we send that over to the client. Then we’ll have a conference call, or we do it through email, where we go back and forth and try to determine what we want to leave in, add to, take away. Then once we get to that point where we’ve got it finalized, we get the contract in place, and it really moves over to our operation department.

Lauren Doyle: I get the phone call, I create the proposal, I send it to the client, and then once the contract’s signed, we create the load list.

Jenya Zhyvitski: We see what’s going out, and for this particular event, we just go with the list and start prepping. We need to pull it from the shelf if it’s in the shelf. We need to stage it and then load it in the truck and makes sure it’s all clean and ready to go and touched up if it needs it.

Eric Karter: And then from there, as we get closer to the day of the event, we’ll make sure we have all of the information about the property, the time that we can get in, what time we’re picking the stuff up, and then we do the event.