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Video Transcription | Team

“A big part of it is efficiency and the more you’ve worked with the same people the more you understand how other people work.  I think that leads to a great team.  And if you have a great team like I feel we do, then executing the jobs and the events that we do become much easier.  We have two sides to the business.  One side is the group that talks with the clients with the initial contacts and trying to make sure we understand what their needs are for the events, and we’ve really put it to paper where we design it and work with them on the initial proposals.

The other piece is the logistics. Two of our team members in the warehouse, they’ve been working with us for many years and just like myself, they know every venue in Florida.  They’ve worked with a lot of the clients and it’s always nice when you go on site and the clients give the people that are there from our crew big hugs, and high fives, and shake their hands, and they’re as happy to see them as they are to see me.”