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Event Decorators Working with Event Planners

The Florida Event Decor team discusses what it is like to work with event planners in Florida. They build up a rapport with event planners in the area, and when a planner needs decorations for an event, he or she can come to the Florida Event Decor offices and work with the team.

To find out more information on how the Florida Event Decor team can help your event, call (407) 574-4323 in Orlando, (813) 659-5340 in Tampa, or (305) 710-4927 in South Florida.


Eric Karter: There’s a lot of meeting planners that we work with. They do a lot of events all over the country so for us to get a call 45 or 30 days out that there’s a big event or a big group of 500 or 1,000 people coming is not uncommon.

Valorie Karter: When a local planner comes for a site visit, they can sit down and talk with us, and we can come up with different ideas together. The ways that it benefits a planner is that when we establish a relationship, then we establish a history.

Eric Karter: They really look at us as somebody that they can communicate with about different ideas.

Jonathan Tyson: I think the first key is to listen to the client.

Valorie Karter: Because we get a feel for what people are expecting and what they want, so it’s more of, “Okay, I achieved this this year. How am I going to make it better the next year?”

Jonathan Tyson: We show them a different view of what we do and what we can provide.

Eric Karter: Our job is to really make sure that they have a good experience.