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The Florida Event Decor Warehouse

What is the advantage of having a warehouse to store the decor elements?
The team at Florida Event Decor strive to give their clients the best service possible, and they work to create the most stunning, unforgettable events. Having their own warehouses to store all the decor elements gives clients the option to see things for themselves before they decide, and to get a better idea of what Florida Event Decor can offer.

Finding the best event design in Florida
No matter what type of event you are looking to host — whether it is a corporate party, a holiday party, or even a wedding — our talented Florida event design team can help you make it a success. Contact us, and see how we can make your dream event come to life!

Valorie Karter: “One of the things that I think is great about having a warehouse and actually having your product in the warehouse is that when clients come for a site visit or if it’s a local planner or a local company, they can come right on over and come sit down, talk with us, and they can actually walk through our warehouse with us, and we can come up with different ideas together.

Now when you walk through a warehouse that’s not set up, it doesn’t look like an event and so we always have to, you know, have that disclaimer that something that is on a shelf looks completely different when it’s in a ballroom or when it’s next to a pool or on a terrace or wherever their event may be, but I think that’s the huge advantage.

We’ve also had some local clients who have actually brought their client in, because their client wanted to come, just take a look, just see what’s going on. They wanted to be more a part of the process. We actually really enjoy doing that because it gets everybody on the same team, and we’re all working towards the same goal.”

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