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Meet Our Talented Florida Event Decor Team

At Florida Event Decor, we have assembled the best team in the business! Our event designers are not “just” designers — they are artists, full of creativity and ideas, and ready to turn your ideas into an amazing event that your guests will love.

Valorie Karter

Valorie is the owner of Florida Event Décor from Atlantic Beach, Florida. She spent ten years as an elementary school teacher, honing her skills in planning, organizing and implementing instructional programs. Valorie has a knack at building strong and long-lasting relationships with FED employees and clients. The value that best exemplifies Valorie is fun; she sees every challenge as an opportunity and approaches is it with energy and enthusiasm.

Eric Karter

Eric is the owner of Florida Event Décor from Southern California. After ten years in the financial world as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Eric achieved his childhood dream of owning his own business. Looking back on over thirteen years in the event industry, it’s rewarding to think about all of the ways he has grown creatively and professionally. Eric prides himself on working in the business and on the business. Whether it’s introducing a customer initiative program or completing a Google Sketchup rendering; Eric has a hand in every aspect of the business. As the author of the FED values, he sees teamwork as the value he illustrates most; working together is the key to success.

Lauren Russell

Lauren is the Creative Manager from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a Rosen School of Hospitality graduate and with over five years at FED, Lauren is the creative guru and queen of details. Lauren loves the challenge of creating a winning proposal; and managing all of the details for a flawless execution. For Lauren, getting to know all of the clients is the best part of the job. It’s no surprise that she demonstrates the FED value acceptance; she works with a variety of people in many different capacities while maintaining mutual respect.

Jenya Zhyvitski

Jenya is a Production Manager from Belarus. He has worked in the event industry for over twelve years. Jenya is a jack of all trades, with experience varying from the most complicated set ups to building custom scenery. He knows the inventory down to the nuts and bolts of each item. For these reasons, he manages a team of event specialists and trains new members with precision. Jenya stands for the FED value commitment; he makes sure every detail is completed and ensures the overall goals are achieved.