Themed Events

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Oh the thrill of the big reveal! Gather your group for a fun filled themed night to make memories together. Maximize camaraderie and build rapport amongst your guests with a theme they won’t forget.
Do you want to rock out at your own Block Party? Lounge amongst the trees in your own Enchanted Forest? Savor local flavors at your own Farm? We can create all of these environments or just about anything you can dream up! We’ll even put a new spin on themes like Latin Nights, Hollywood, and Under the Sea. And don’t forget that we can enhance off-site trips as well: Superhero, Racing, Rock-n-Roll, and Magical, to name a few.
We take great pride in wowing your guests with exceptional creativity and quality. From concept to execution, we strive to achieve the unforgettable.


Make your event glow – literally!

Tuscan Nights

Transport Yourself to Beautiful Tuscany!


Bring the fun of the beach to your event!


The best game day party in town!

South Beach

The biggest party in the Sunshine State

Roaring 20’s

The speakeasy, the flapper, Al Capone, Prohibition, cars and consumer culture.


Guests will feel as if they have landed on Black-Beard’s private island when they enter this event.

Tropical Paradise

Sit back and relax, as we take you on a journey of tropical elegance.

New York City

The party that never ends, in the city that never sleeps! The city lights and full-size skyline will captivate your guests.


As guests arrive, they will notice the buoys, nautical flags and custom signage welcoming them to the event.


It is Race Day! The engines are revved and the smell of rubber is in the air. Your guests are the winners of this amazing event and will be rewarded with a “Winner’s Circle” party!

Mardi Gras

Welcome to New Orleans, one of America’s greatest cities, with its enriched traditions, historic architecture, inspired music and marvelous Mardi Gras magic!

Le Cirque

This is an evening of light and airy amazement. Colorful arches line the entrance and perimeter, creating a unique look.


Feel the heat as we roll out breathtaking decor and entertainment…Latin style! Guests will experience a setting that unites Old Havana with the sizzle of Latino glamour.


Roll out the red carpet! The stars are out tonight. Guests will be dazzled by a night of fame, fortune, and Hollywood awards.

Florida Road-Trip

This sunshine-filled day will bring to life every aspect of Florida for your guests to experience!


You can’t experience Florida without the Heat. To set the night on fire, live flaming fire columns surround the perimeter to create a unique visual effect.


Elegance, opulence and sophistication. Create the perfect fairy tale atmosphere!


Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! Guests will be reeling from the excitement of this amazing circus.


The tranquil sounds of soft flowing water will set the mood from the moment your guests arrive in this ultra Zen environment.

Casino Royale

Looking to give your guests a luxurious, stylish experience? Immerse yourself in a night of true 007 style.
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