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Mindful Monday – Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Written By - Valorie Karter

Lately I’ve been feeling my future self poking my shoulder like a four year old demanding attention. But my present self is the server that just brought the water to the table and then disappeared for what seems like eternity. My past self is lying in bed after an event set up with sore feet…

But back to future self, because she keeps poking and I’ve got to take care of her (thanks to Sean and his quote).  Here are three questions I’ve been working on to gain some momentum and well, quite frankly, keep myself moving forward even though the future of live events is blurry.

What have I already done for my future self?

This is essentially putting an item on your to do list that you have already done so that you can go ahead and have something checked off.  It’s the pop of the champagne because you already knowing it’s going to taste good. 

Seriously though, recognize that you’re not a lump.  If you’re reading this then you have done something for your future self.  Start off with a celebration of what you have accomplished.  Nothing is off limits here.  If you got up this morning and put on clothing, it counts.  If you gave up diet coke seven months ago, it counts.  If you started walking around your neighborhood to get fresh air, it counts. 

The point is, you have already done something for your future self, make sure you recognize it and celebrate.  Realize that you can deal with future self because there is proof that you already have.

What can I do today for my future self?

Choose one thing each day that you can do for your future self and accomplish in the short term.  It does not matter how insignificant it seems.   Be specific. The key here is to start simple and work your way into the more complex.  Good news, complexity is defined by you.  

Recently I cleaned out my car.  It took about forty-five minutes. Did I want to do it? No.  But within one day my future self was glad that I did.  I volunteered to do an extra leg of carpool.  I drove for couples’ happy hour.  I drove again for a ladies’ night out.  Would I have done any of this without a freshly cleaned car? Maybe; but I must admit, I held my chin a little higher with my freshly cleaned car. (I also saved money by not drinking.  Okay fine, limited drinking.) A simple act today can lead to conversations and connections with people which will fuel your future self beyond today.  

What simple thing can you do today to help your near future self? How is your inbox doing? Can you dump some email that you never had time to deal with before?  Attend a webinar?  Read an article that sparks a new business idea? Do something TODAY for your future self.

What do I want my future self to look like?

So you’ve patted yourself on the back; you’ve collected some low hanging fruit.  You should be feeling at least somewhat accomplished.  You’re ready to tackle the bigger question: what do I want my future self to look like?

It’s a scary question for all of us right now.  You are not alone.  Don’t let yourself fall into the abyss of present self. Start shaping you future self now.  Chances are you want to grow, change, do better, accomplish more, learn something new, and create. That won’t end. Did I mention that the whole world is thankful for people like you?

Now is the time to look five or even ten years into the future.  Consider listing out how you want to spend your time each day in the future, problems you want to find solutions for, people you want to surround yourself with, and things you want to accomplish. It’s time to ponder the big idea questions so you can take some big idea actions. Move towards your future self with purpose.  

While you’re at it, can you do me a favor?  Picture your future self at an event with amazing décor.  I can’t wait to see you in all your glory.