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The Event Design And Planning Process

Florida Event Design
How will an event design team work with me to create my event?

Working with an event design team can truly take an event from “good” and “fun”, to “amazing” and “unforgettable”. The experience that a creative event design team can bring to the table is invaluable. At Florida Event Decor, we work closely with our clients — communicating often and effectively — to make sure every detail of the event is to the client’s satisfaction.

Finding the best event design in Florida
No matter what type of event you are looking to host — whether it is a corporate party, a holiday party, or even a wedding — our talented Florida event design team can help you make it a success. Contact us, and see how we can create your dream event!

Jonathan Tyson: “Sometimes it maybe a referral or the in-client may have their DMC (Destination Manager) and that manager may know of us through previous jobs, so we have our referrals. They may call and say, ‘Hey, I have this great idea for 2014, big event, 1500 folks. We want to do a theme, and one of you guys can provide that for us.’ At that point they’ll tell us what they’re looking for. One of our sales teams would do a proposal, both written and photographs.

They may email that to the client and say, ‘This is what we have, this is what we talked about, and these are some of the ideas that we have. We may add a few ideas, that we may think might work for the client.’ Then we begin to add or pick off what may or may not work. At that point, once everybody’s in agreement, they give us an okay. If it’s a build out, our team begins to build whatever that may be. Maybe it’s, say, a facade like a building, or a certain photo finish, or backdrop, or scenic, furniture, or … You name it.

At that point we would have to order how many trucks we’re going to be using that day, what size of the set of crew we’re going to be using, the time to arrive, how much time it takes to get to the location, and then we would set a team up for that day. Preschedule, we go out to the site, call the clients beforehand, and let them know we’ll be on our way. We get there and introduce ourselves, take a survey of the room, and bring all our décor in. We get a floor plan usually from the client or for a pre-emailed floor plan.

Then at that point, we begin to set up the décor, based off a time schedule. Our guys are experienced with how long it takes to set something up, with the whole team. We know these many items may take four, five, six, seven, eight hours. We would request access time in the hotels. Say if something takes eight hours, instead of coming in at 12, we may want to come in at nine, access to the hotel ballroom.

Then at that point we set up and make sure it’s to the clients liking. Then we want to make sure that we have a certain time to come back to take the show apart, whether it’s that same night or the next day.”

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